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About US

About US


 Iran Casting Industries (ICI) was established in 1987 with manufacturing of automotive iron casting parts and capacity of 14’500 ton per year for automotive & other castings parts.ICI is one of the pioneers casting manufacturer among Iran industry to producing diesel engines in accordance with the Mercedes-Benz technical standards since the beginning, and having a business with two great automotive companies IRAN KHODRO and SAIPA, also some reputable ones in Europe (PSA, Carraro and Gepalk) and South America (Brazil-AutoLinea).


The principal activity of this company is a diverse range of grey and ductile cast-iron parts in large group components included: cylinders, cylinders head, gearbox, exhausts, flywheels, water pumps, oil pumps, crankshafts, wheel hubs, axles and swivel housings.

The presence of the revolutionary leader in the Iran casting industries

Major goals

Major Goals Horizons In 2021

Annual profitability of at least 10%
Achieving per capita output of 60 tons per person
Attaining a share of at least 25% of exports from total production
One of the first three companies in the casting industry of the country
Achieving production capacity of 30,000 tons per year
Non-aggression percentage of scraps from a level of 4%


The presence of potential internal and foreign customers to complete the capacity of the lines
Existence of expert and efficient human resources in the company 
Positioning in the Bahman Group Holdings
High efficiency of patterns (pieces in the patterns)
High level of products quality compared to competitors
Promoting the brand at the national and international level
High satisfaction of customers



Iran Casting Industries Area Is Over 150'000 M2 in Kaveh Industrial City

ADDRESS – Head Office
Head Office: 13thkm of Karaj Makhsous Road, Bahman Group No 2

ADDRESS – Factory
Factory: 4th St., Kaveh Industrial City, Saveh-Iran

The Factory Is Accessibale Via Tehran-Saveh Highway In Kaveh Industrial City